Little man in the big woods…

Last week, the bigLITTLE team took a short trip out to California to get a feel for the lay of the land and taste a few wines.  A few fun facts we picked up along the way:

1. The Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi winery, in Lodi, easily produces more wine in a given year than the entire state of Michigan.  And they are by no means the biggest.

2. There is another “Laing” family (spelled Lange) that manages 6,000+ acres of producing vineyards.  We manage 8.  They are also awesome people, and make some very good wines!

3. Mike is significantly shorter and slimmer than the average old growth redwood tree.

4. The Anderson Valley area is remote, and always good for some Bahl Hornin‘… Boontling for “good drinking”.  Seriously (  For those of you who have tried some beers from Anderson Valley Brewing Company, you already knew this.


One thought on “Little man in the big woods…

  1. Scot T Laing says:

    Your web sight is great, guys—way to go! That was good to know about the size of Mike compared to the size of a redwood tree also !– I did not know that.

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