Fermentations, Vineyard, etc…

The vines are in the process of shutting down for the long, cold, snowy Northern Michigan winter.  We have applied a potassium spray to the vines to replenish the nutrients used during fruit maturation.  We have hilled up the younger (one-year old) vines with dirt around the graft union to protect against winter cold injury to the plant.

The wines from this years harvest have all completed their primary fermentation.  Treehouse, our white Pinot Noir, is proceeding through malolactic fermentation.  Malolactic fermentation is the process through which malic acid is converted to the softer lactic acid.  The result is a more full-bodied profile of the wine through the mid-palate.  We are excited about how the wine is tasting in it’s early stages!  Tire Swing and Dune Climb (our two sparkling wines) are resting in tanks waiting to be re-fermented.  In addition, Mixed Tape and Crayfish are showing tremendous fruit characteristics in early tastings.

Stay tuned…….

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  1. brian tennis says:

    Best of luck, we are rooting for you.

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