Fall 2013


It has been a wild first summer for the bigLITTLE tasting room! As a result, a good amount of time has passed since we have shared an update. We will start by answering a couple of our most FAQ’s from the tasting room:

Q: “So… how is bigLITTLE different than L.Mawby?”
A: Because we use the L Mawby winery to make our wines, bigLITTLE is technically a brand under the L.Mawby winery license. Mike and Pete make the wines (which are not all sparkling like L.Mawby/M.Lawrence wines) but the wine is sold through the L Mawby winery license.

Q: “Who is big and who is LITTLE?”
A: Mike is the older brother, believe it or not. Pete is younger but most people mistake his beard for worldly wisdom (and/or… age).

It has been very hard work but great fun meeting people from all over the country and gaining appreciation for our efforts. We are entering the busiest tasting room season, which also coincides with the busiest time of year in the vineyard and wineries. We are still open Thursday, Friday and Saturday and will be until the New Year. After January first we are planning on closing the tasting room until May first.

Wine Update

We will be releasing a new wine by mid-later November.  It is a bottle-fermented bubbly blend of Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc blend that has been en tirage for 17 months. Until now, we have called this our “Dune Climb”, but we have opted to rename this wine.  Stay tuned…

We are selling out of our 2011 wines in the tasting room. We have moved to the 2012 Mixtape and Crayfish, and will soon be into the 2012 Treehouse as well. Stop in and try some 2012’s if you haven’t already!


Harvest 2013 has begun and we will be (tentatively) picking our C-3Pinot fruit Sunday, October 6th. Crayfish, Treehouse, Mixtape, and Tire Swing fruit will be picked most likely in that order but spread out throughout October. We had a cooler spring and bloom was delayed until the second week of July in most varieties, which was a little late for us. Northern Michigan saw plenty of rain this summer, cooler temperatures on the whole, and a cold end to the summer. This fall has been warmer and much needed for ripening fruit. On the whole we would say that 2013 was a much more typical growing year than the past couple of hot years. The fruit looks healthy, and varietal flavors have developed quite rapidly over the past two weeks due to the warmer weather.

A bigLITTLE thank you for everyone who visited us this season and helped make our first summer in the tasting room one to remember.

Peter & Michael

4 thoughts on “Fall 2013

  1. James Wadsworth says:

    We were at your tasting room in July, and really enjoyed meeting you and tasting your wines. We bought several bottles, but now they are gone. We live in Florida and would like to buy your wines via the web. Are you able to accomnodate? Thank You, Jim

  2. Joanna Valentine says:

    Love love love your wines! Everyone of them. Great job guys!!

  3. Joanna Valentine says:

    Love love love your wines! Every one of them. We were in Oct. 18, bought a case of each wine & are almost out of all of the wine! We have been sharing with everyone. Great job guys!!

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