What’s new… winter 2019

Hello bigLITTLEers far and wide, Contrary to popular belief, we have not been hibernating… though this past week would have given a valid excuse to do so. Instead, the 2018 harvest brought nice fruit and full tanks, and we are busy tending to the cellar as the 2018 wines endure their “formative years”. We are… read the rest here

Winter 2016

                Greetings Friends of bigLITTLE. The holiday season, with its mild weather and merriment, has passed. Snow has since flown and tucked Leelanau Peninsula farms, vineyards, and fields to sleep. The winter temperatures thus far have been moderate and kind to tender grape vine wood. We are optimistic… read the rest here

Polar Vortex 2014

Happy New Year! Is it too late to offer up such a greeting? Either way, bigLITTLE sends its greetings for 2014. We are absolutely buried in snow up here in Northern Michigan. We’ve been taking arctic air beat-downs with high winds and plenty of snow. The vines are pretty much covered in the white stuff,… read the rest here

Fall 2013

Greetings! It has been a wild first summer for the bigLITTLE tasting room! As a result, a good amount of time has passed since we have shared an update. We will start by answering a couple of our most FAQ’s from the tasting room: Q: “So… how is bigLITTLE different than L.Mawby?” A: Because we… read the rest here

2012 Harvest

2012 Harvest for bigLITTLE Wines is in the books.  Late summer drought stressed some of our younger Riesling vines to the point where we were forced to pick slightly early.  We picked for our bottle fermented bubbly in mid-September, Treehouse and Crayfish in late September,  Mixtape and Tire Swing in early October.  Some of the… read the rest here

Pre-Harvest Update

The most common question that we’ve been asked this season is, “How did the grapes respond to the weird weather we had this spring?” As you can see from this photo of Pinot Gris, we have a crop, and a good one at that. The grape vines were slower to respond to the warm weather… read the rest here

late winter vineyard walkthrough

I broke out the snowshoes last Wednesday and took a quick stroll around the vineyards.  This was a few days after a big winter storm hit us up here, and I ended up walking into the vineyard along tracks made by power crews that were out repairing downed power lines.  We got about 18 inches… read the rest here

Fermentations, Vineyard, etc…

The vines are in the process of shutting down for the long, cold, snowy Northern Michigan winter.  We have applied a potassium spray to the vines to replenish the nutrients used during fruit maturation.  We have hilled up the younger (one-year old) vines with dirt around the graft union to protect against winter cold injury… read the rest here